A new type of album

When we started planning this site, figuring out how we wanted albums to work was the trickiest part.

My original plan was that you had to select which type of album you wanted to do.  The idea would be that an album about your road trip to different quilting stores would have different fields from an album about a quilt you made.  This got very complicated very quickly, and had to be dropped.

When we first made albums, we kind of accidentally went the opposite way: NO details, instead of too many.  But this didn’t work either.  Users wanted to have some information.

We’ve decided to introduce sort of a happy medium: the project album.  When you go to make a new album, you’ll soon have two choices: a project album, or you can click to switch to a plain album.  The plain album will have some general fields, but the project album will have a series of fields that are really specifically meant to describe a quilt.

But there’s more, and I think that this is really the coolest part.  One of our users, evitalace, actually gave us the idea in our suggestions page: a project diary.  Think of it as a little blog about your album.  You can write little entries about how your project is going, your thought processes, comments.  You can think of it as notes for yourself, or a story to tell the world.  You can link certain photos to certain entries, or just have a stand-alone entry.  I hope that this is a really helpful tool.

And speaking of tools, we love the new Flickr upload ability.  We’re going to add the ability to upload directly from some other sites, too.  So far we plan on doing Picassa and Photo Bucket.  Any others that you want?

And yes, a note about the Resources section.  I’ve been putting some random things into the Wiki, and boy am I completely incoherent when I’m trying to explain something.  I think I’ve been out of school far too long.  We really have to open this up to everyone soon… right now it isn’t because we’re trying to figure out how to make your QuiltGroup login the same as the Wiki login.

What I really, really want to get to is information about patterns into the site.  I’m going to push for that soon.  There are just so many patterns, from so many sources!  This is definitely gonna take some serious thought.


April 13, 2009. Uncategorized.

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